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Whether its professional advice, expert fitting or finding the right saddle for you and your horse, we are dedicated to finding and delivering the right saddle for you and your horse!


Our services include:

  • Saddle, Horse and Rider Assessment

  • Saddle Adjustments as required

  • Tailored Ongoing Saddle Fit Program

  • Refer Horse Experts as required

  • Saddle Accessories Fitting

  • New Saddle Recommendations

  • Try before you Buy

We will also provide basic training to ensure you know:

  • How to correctly place your saddle onto your horse in the right position

  • When it’s time to book a new fit

  • How to care for your saddlery

  • Confirm any warranty questions

Meet Our Expert Fitters

Roxy Young

Roxy Young

Victorian Region

Emily Wonka

Emily Wonka

Queensland Region

Jervaise Prime

Jervaise Prime

Victorian Region

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